it’s kinda beautiful out here tonight…

by Rachael

you can’t tell that I woke up this morning to find the leaves outside my window drenched and dripping, eagerly soaking in the long overdue drink they’d been waiting for. the sky is a crisp, clean blue, fading into a light, warm yellow as the last bit of the sun dips behind Lookout Mountain. there’s a ginger tabby cat sitting on the other side of my porch railing, meowing harshly at me every time I make eye contact or try to get him (or she? we’re don’t know each other well enough to start asking those kind of personal questions yet …) to let me pet him.

I wish I had a cat. or a dog. someone furry to cuddle up with. I mean, my husband’s kinda furry, but he’s too big.

laundry is going, but it’s not ours. my brother-in-law, Ben, and his mommy-to-be wife, Hayley, are over tonight and they’re using our washer and dryer. it’s quiet in the house. no one’s talking to much tonight, but sometimes i prefer the silence. sometimes i like to just sit out here and listen to the robins chatter and the squirrels nag at each other. it’s a nice respite after all the noise that’s constantly in my head.

haha. the cat just squeezed through my porch railing and is now sitting at my feet while I scratch his ears. I hope no property managers see him up here or I may get a nasty note…




let’s see if I can follow through and actually write stuff on here more than once.