I’m writing this…

…from my desk. At work. At my new job. At a bank. Pretty rocking, right?


I had every single finger and toe crossed that I would not be working in retail come Christmas, and God listened to me! Things fell into place miraculously, and now I work fewer hours and make the same (if not more) than I was busting my butt over a five dollar blouse some careless customer tossed on the floor. And I get to sit on my butt all day. I’m pretty happy.


Seriously, I really feel happier. The husband keeps telling me I’m not anywhere near as tense and tired looking as I used to be. I feel chill-er..is that a word? Who cares!

Not me. 😉



But, now that I’m back on the bandwagon here with daily internet access(ha-cha!), I promise I’ll be here more often. Pinky promise. There–that good enough?


Things to accomplish this weekend:

get my haircut.

make breakfast burritios to freeze for the husband.

make something with bananas to use up the bananas i bought this morning. i found a recipe for *banana bread scones with brown sugar glaze* that looks extremely delicious.
we’ll see if any of it gets done. hah.