is this real? is this so simple, my God?

I’m Rachael. recently uprooted and repotted to Chattanooga, TN and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jesus Christ is my firm foundation, the One who lifts me up to stand. without Him, I would be lost and wandering hopelessly in this dark world we barely manage to exist in. all He asks of you is you and all your love. when you begin to realize how big God’s love is for you, and how perfect and absolutely holy He is, how can you do anything BUT love Him?

my husband, Jarrett, and I got married in May of 2011 and just celebrated our one year anniversary. he’s my best friend, the person I laugh with, the person that can aggravate the living daylights out of me, the person I miss when he’s not around. he constantly believes in me when I can’t and calls me out when I’m being stupid.

I fancy myself…

a musician.

a cook.

an artsy-fartsy person.

a bit of a nerd.


won’t you join me?